Strong As Death

O that love, which loves you!
Is such strong as naked deathe
And how pleasing you are too
If it makes you moan in lieu of breathe
You can't escape, you are into its charm!
Its flames, many waters cannot douse
Its warmth, like you wear earth in death's arm
And your whole life it will take control
if you flirt it or play it as dice
it's not all men throws the ball twice
so treat that very love, I mean
With Most respect and much dignity.

by Moses Ebuka Adebayo

Comments (2)

Many thanks, Roseann!
Beautiful sentiments Toby! Great analogy of love being as strong as death, very profound! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this poem. Your imagery and poetical rhythm and rhyme are in synch and captivating! Really great poem, Toby. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn