NLA (January 5,1983; Capricorn / Longmount, Colorado)

Strong For Two As One

To the kingdom of the Gulies, lay the queen to his side. The battle begun amungst the Embasery, and refuse, do whitch, is not of the kingdom in resign.Dance thy king in wisdom, queen, let your heart shed in grace. The kingdom is pulling outward- stance, to is the distance, of thy place.

Heartships will not be over drawan, and the edges of one's temperance, hold ground. For one is not to foresaken, the images that may of mark a frown. Pick up your swords and words mighty king, Queen has bestowed ighty shield.

One love to hold in the making, ponder to not on battle, but trueth shal take in revieled. So shal thy amung, look in dispare- or hold headsome at steep estray. Love conquors and brings truth to those a frown and dismay.

Hold King, ever so tightly, for yoru queen is holding to you. The land will rebirth, your hearts will grow strong together, forever, so mighty. You will bring fourth a new.

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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