Strong Union

I shall need you at each turn
To burn
My ill desires
As I want to prove no liar

You have chosen me as partner
That too as close member
I shall prove true
And pass through

I know I am not worth
An shall cause no worry henceforth
I shall always sand by
And honestly try

I know how to stay
And never go away
From the scene
And always be seen

We have strong union
And you as best companion
I shall be lucky
And pray always to almighty

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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welcome Ade Caparas Manilah, Tista Chatterjee and Charu Jain like thi Just now · Unlike · 1
nice Sai Krishna2 hours ago nice Comment +1
Well composed. We need partner in life....! Devendra Bajgai1 hour ago The message is great but the need to correct the spelling and syntactical lapses..! Comment +1
Not bad Billy Loving1 hour ago Good effort - the last stanza could use some work- a little raw
we have strong union and you as best companion I shall be lucky and pray always to almighty a lovely write about marriage
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