MS (1991 / Baltimore, Maryland)


The final day went by.
The day that I will long for you.
Cause now that it's all over.
I have finally seen the truth.
Took long enough.
Here I was...thinking I was there.
But now that it's all over.
Where Do I Go From Here?
I will find out someday.
That it was meant for us not to be together.
Even if we did work.
I don't think the chemistry would work forever.
Like I wanted it too.
But I was just caught up.
In some infatuation blues.
But I opened my eyes.
To a much more clear destination.
No longer the sadness or the frustration.
Melancholy Ways.
Now disappear by the days.
On the bed of love I lay.
Stronger indeed I must say.


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Thanks to KanYe West for the inspiration!
This poem is really nice keep up the good work. ~TORN IN TWO BY THE 1 I LOVE~ A-K-A Victoria Emo Girl