Struck Dumb

Transcendental unification causes obliteration
of individual ruminations which always circulate
and are prime subjects for debate between so many postulates.
Intellectualisation is even better after a little libation
no wonder truth seems rare when it makes us stand and stare
bringing to an end verbose articulations to defend:
I am struck dumb.
And in silence brings to life deep peace
in the stillness of movements end
of all the mental machinations in which you revel
but only lead where we are not and truth is concealed.
Yes now that time is past and all the heavens are small not vast
I stop speaking: Only ask.

by David Taylor

Comments (3)

'And in Silence Brings To Life Deep Peace' favorite line from this deep write which need many re reads...You are on a Magical Roll here, wonder why? ? ? marci.xo
You held speechless.WOW....: O)
David, what can I say? Am speechless! No only kidding, this is a lovely poem, I like what you're saying, even if with fingertips rather than verbal speech.... HG: -) xx