Draft 1

We are brought into this world without knowledge.
And then pushed off the ledge into the unknown I don't know what will be thrown
at me each day of my life. I can prepare all I want but there is no escaping from what might happen.
When we are kids we don't understand this concept, because we still live without knowledge. And that's why we are happy as kids, we do everything for ourselves and that's what keeps us happy.
But once we hit the age of twelve life becomes complex, and then we are hexed with the true responsibilities of life. And as we get older that knowledge grows. Every time that knowledge grows we overthink, and overthink, and overthink, what do I say next what do I do next? Not overthinking kept us happy as kids but now we are forcibly flexed into things we'd never expect to do. By the time we hit high school that forced flex becomes saving out back from being forcibly snapped.
Snapped into a world of emotional pain, especially heart break fucks with the brain and makes you want to shrivel up and die for that is the implosion you feel in your chest.
So to deal with that burning pain you start to burning weed so you no longer are tempted to do the deed of wrapping the belt around your neck and pulling harder, harder, harder, until you realize the futility of the act.
So you hit yourself in the face and realize your place is hitting bowl, after bowl, after bowl, after bowl, until you've lost track and sent yourself into the ultimate high where there are no emotions. So you can avoid being snapped, and trapped in a world of emotional pain.
Thinking you are wise and seeing the world from a different point of view, but in actuality it is stupid and just not you. However that urge to avoid that emotional pain grows larger each and every time you hit bowl, after bowl, after bowl and then you finally realize that it has stole.
Stole your life away and everyone in it because even your parents don't know who you are, and of course that leaves a huge emotional scar, to which you were trying to avoid this who time. After months you finally land back in reality, to find that there is no such thing as avoiding emotional pain. For every time we get a scar it will fade never heal, so make sure you never steal your life away, and push yourself off the next ledge.

by Brendan Miller

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........a beautiful write....truly enjoyed...