I was struck by your eyes,
They took me by surprise,
How was I to know,
They’d captivate me so?

Love wasn’t on my mind,
Wasn’t trying to find,
Someone to connect to,
A love so very true.

And then there were your eyes,
Staring into mine,
Smiling at me so,
Telling me to know.

That your eyes are here to stay,
And haunt me every day,
They’ll strike me every time, You look straight into mine.

Your eyes do not deceive,
They help me to believe,
That all things are one,
With our instincts we shall run.

And only when you blink,
Can I stop to think,
I never stood a chance,
You held me in a trance,
And so hall your eyes,
Forever hypnotise.

by Aisha Sherazi

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