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The Rain Will Come
AS ( / London, UK)

The Rain Will Come

Poem By Buchi Ofulue

Structure is important,
Structure is right,
Having a good structure,
Helps us to fight.

Injustice, inconsistencies,
Disorganization and waste,
When we have no structure,
These things we do taste.

But there is a problem,
With boxing people in,
Giving job descriptions,
Could be a big sin.

Good people are humans,
With hearts and souls,
Such people work as a team,
And work as one to reach their goals.

Structure and titles,
Can hurt those who are pure,
Of intention and character,
For this there is no cure.

Structure is important,
Structure is right,
People are humans,
Of this let’s not lose sight.

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Comments (2)

Hi i'm doing an art piece on structures and i was wondering if i could use your poem in an image i am creating based on structures, i will send it to you once its finished if you like please contact me on chloenewman89@hotmail.com
So true, to force someone, is to force them away from its meaning, all in good time and, well, Structure Love duncan X