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This world has various thoughts of school,
Truth, honesty were taught to me in school,
With honour they were the ones I chose;
And the life told me I will loose,
The honesty, integrity if I choose;

With honesty, Integrity I held myself high,
But every moment was filled with a sigh;
I believe Still the spirit of Christ shall imply
Come what may they shall be my pride;

I think, I loved the truth I know,
But the world scorned me with a ‘No’
I wait for thee every morning and noon,
To relieve me from these very soon.

Help me help me if you can
To live, let live and shine;
With opposition as ruthless as can;
In my endeavor to tread a path,
Gandhi, Budda, Christ defined;

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yes it is difficult to survive in the world outside ourself by being totally honest...it is a struggle. good penning
Vidyadhar, though our life maybe full of struggles we must hold firm to our beliefs not letting others get us down. A wonderful uplifting write my friend. Thanks for sharing it. David
nice poem i like it........
Aesthetic values of life Stands on the ideal values of life. Struggle and experience take us to soar Inventive ways lift us from scare. Helping ourselves will help us To bent into a marvelous shape. All the best.
Yes sir, i do agree with you that the world dont demand you if you are following the rule of.. honesty and integrity.. But sir, even i follow in leave that 'Nothing is valuable in life than the piece which i get at the end of the day, i dont feel i m shattered or my mind dont jiggle with the thought that if i did opt for a wrong way my growth will be nice. I feel sir, that in life a person should be answerable to his soul and if i m deceving in my life 's whereabouts.. than how will i attain satisfaction.... sir, u words are nice and i truely feel.. honesty is the richest jewel of a person and anyone shouldnt leave that.. Sir, read my poem.. ' i m happy being alone..' u will like it.. ric...
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