Struggles Within

Nothing good in this flesh of mine, creating havoc from time to time,
For with this heart, deceitful at best, I am wearied and seldom at rest.
Who knows the depth of my heart, from which, I would like to depart,
With wickedness deep down within, it causes me to stray towards sin.

And with my sinful darkened mind, while living this life, it’s so unkind,
Reaching way back into yesteryear, my old sinful past is always near.
Dragging up my old sinful ways; causing me pain in my present days,
Giving the enemy old things to cast; at my present life, from the past.

In this head, these wandering eyes, looking at those things I despise,
The things of lust upon this earth; things which have no eternal worth.
Straying towards those things of lust, that in time simply turn to dust,
This causes my new faith to wane, while creating in my heart old pain.

These struggles I have with my flesh, is not from God a spiritual test,
But my struggles are from within, from this body that was born in sin.
Struggles that I have day to day, when I do not let God have His way,
Allowing God to change all my life, through The Savior, Jesus Christ.

For God sends to me when I believe, The Holy Spirit, whom I receive,
Christ embraces me as His own, and changes my old heart of stone,
From all that sin I’ve been freed, with no more struggles soon indeed,
As Christ this day is preparing me, to live without struggle for eternity.


by Bob Gotti

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