Age has taught that youth is ignorance,
Youth mocks age chanting invitality;
Mine eyes wear no shutters,
I have seen what twice, my elder do not comprehend -
Call me ignorant; I call you blind
Is youth not vital?
Is age not ignorant?

Unto this world was born a child,
This child possessed wisdom in youth;
He fought and felt until He passed.
The elders displayed before the world
the greatest ignorance upon their beloved sacrament -
As death crept on they shouted "Class Dismissed!"
Youth now knows vitality fails -
Yet from this ending a beginning lashes out to all,
It is now that ignorance prevails -
All understanding must fall.
This relentless cycle shall never halt,
Too much time to worry about -
Never enough to figure it out!

by Lydia Halena Basham

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