Strung Out Love

As seconds tick off,
a few duly noted,
most overlooked,
none can i master-
bait on your
finger crook'd.
With thoughts
all entangled
i stumble and trip-
bide your time
while i'm mangled
as i twitch,
lured and hooked.

by Richard Terrify

Comments (2)

I had to read this poem several times. Partly because there was an obnoxious flashing advertisement next to it that effectively distracted the hell out of me (the creators of it are lucky that I am not epileptic) , and partly because I loved it so much. Cheers!
Awww shame Richard! lol You men fight so hard, no wonder your mouth hurts so much when you are hooked good and proper job! lol Nice strung out to dry, love poem. Tai