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He won't be going to grow old north of Echuca where he first saw light of day
In South Gippsland in Wonthaggi he will grow old and gray
And in the Wonny cemetery his bones will forever lay
In the historical coal mining Town he feels happy for to stay.

Stu is well known in Wonthaggi and he makes friends easily
And not many in the old Town are as likeable as he
A very decent Human Being in him there is only good
The type of helpful person who would help you if he could.

He has empathy for others in him there is nothing cold
And of Stu it can be truly said that he has a heart of gold
To meet his very equal one might have to travel far
A friend when you're in trouble when you know who your friends are.

In the Town of Wonthaggi not many he does not know
And he greets every stranger he meets with a smile and a hello
So witty and so likeable his type were always few
And you won't find any better than the very genial Stu.

by Francis Duggan

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