(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Listen to me when i call;
For my words are thge words of peace,
And like your forgotten land of joy.

Stubborn, born, no stub, tub, sub, but, torn, tons, not, on, son;
And like the ways of your life in the land of your muse!
But try to learn and be better off;
For the shadows of the trees are now behind you! !

Hearted, hate, art, heated, hear, hat, eat, ate, tea, head, tree, are, era;
But with the sounds of the muse of your act!
Hearted, at, had, red, tread, read, dear, deer, reed, tear, ear, heard;
But you are stubborn-hearted! !
And like themuse of your act in the land of your choice;
But life will not go on like this for you always.

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