Stubbornly Affixed

An exhausted horse,
Began to show signs of weakness...
Years ago.
And those who rode it,
Ignored the signs.
They chose to ride it hard...
And its maintenance declined.

The horse slowed and faltered.
Keeled over and died.
Some got off and announced its death.
While others demanded...
A desire to continue their ride.

Many chose to debate the fate of the horse.
As others observed a replacement due.
Some refused to open their eyes...
And denied an immediate and effective rescue.
As a few stood by...
And blocked all attempts.

Even after the horse was buried...
Heated arguments still exist.
With some lamenting...
The return of leadership,
Decades long gone.
And many...
Who have passed these scenes viewed today...
Walk away amazed,
As to how some can stay fixed...
In their ignorant ways.

And stand they do...
Praising the dirt covered roads now paved.
With wishes they could live lives...
Back when their ancestors had plantations!
Back in 'the day'
In times when they all seem to thrive.
Surrounded by the dancing and the smiling done,
By happy and entertaining slaves!
With none refusing to obey.

And stubbornly affixed they are in their minds.
Disregarding the fact...
The year is two thousand and nine!
With a One World Order rule descending,
Upon them.
And a dead horse collecting dust...
With no one ever again to climb.
To show how much an attention given...
Will allow any of them again to shine!

Pathetic are these mindsets.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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