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Poem By Krista Dawn

Trying to get you out of my head
I can still feel you so close to me
Your soft lips that have grazed my skin
Secret touches that nobody else sees

Stolen glances from across the room
Letting myself fall in so deep
Craving your touches and wanting so much more
Saying so much without having to speak

Do you feel the way my heart feels?
Why do you keep me lingering on
It's getting so hard to let you go
Over all this time, these feeling have not gone

So far away is where you will always be
But closer to my heart is now where you lay
Each time I'm with you, I get closer to breaking
Why can't you be with me - choose to stay

Feeling so confused... my heart broke today
The tears kept falling from my eyes
I'm in too deep and it has swallowed me whole
How can I ever say goodbye...

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