Poem By Alma Lopez

What do you do when what you want isn't what your heart wants?
all you want is to make that one person happy at any cost.
even at your own cost..
What do you do when you know it's not healthy but that's what you want?
how much it hurts everyday and keeps getting bigger..
when it gets worse each and everyday..
when that person you want to make happy is so complicated and hard to handle..
what do you do? ?
the answer to that is just let them find their own happiness don't make it for them.
make yourself happy and take care of yourself..
but that is so hard when all of a suddent when you get the chance you can't let go.. you are just so used to fighting that feeling of letting go that now.. you just can't let it happen..
and then that's when you know that you are dead..
and there's no way out..

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