Stuck In A 'What? ' Zone

High beamed like a deer,
Crossing a speeding road...
Where fast moving vehicles,
Of all kinds appear.
In a 'what? ' zone.
Stuck and incapable,
To see what others do so clear.

They are there staring,
To continue excursions...
Of unfulfilled but wished dreams.
Wondering 'why' they are prevented from landing,
Safely on lush and emerald green pastures.
Depicted to deliver an everlasting feast of joy.
Blinded by promise!
And teased images employed to keep envisioned.

Stuck in a 'what' zone and struck by 'light'.
Smothered to be covered up,
By thorns that prick and thick debris.
Fences adorned by barbed wire,
Will not make it easy to feed as freely.
Escaping from the traffic comes too quick.
Some quit to leave others jumping to take chances.

'What has happened to our visions?
Visions you teased us to keep envisioned.'

~There are no cushions of life to provide you here.
Only those who have sacrificed cleared their own paths.~

'But, we were led to believe we would be entitled.'

~You are!
You are entitled to pick up those shovels.
Choose a direction.
And then pray with faith what is done to do,
Eventually removes from your eyesight...
Heights to achieve your beliefs.~

'We see no mountaintops here.'

~We heard that same story from some old goats.
But you know what happened to them? ~

What happened to them? '

~They too thought they would prace around here,
Like some young deer.
They took those shovels and began to clear their way.
And it took them years to discover wisdom and the facts.~

'What were the facts? '

~They were never deer, afterall.
And it took them time to realize they were goats.
Sitting ontop of those mountains you can't see.
That's why we call them old goats because they are wise.~

WE 'are' DEER.
WHO are YOU? '

~You can return back to where you came from...
You can pursue your dreams.
All you need to know,
Is this...
I'm not the one stuck in a 'what? ' zone!
Nor am I on anyone's welcoming committee.
Choose a path. Take a shovel...
Or take your chances facing that traffic.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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