Stuck In Between

Poem By Jacqueline Purcell

I could be famous, for I have figured out something new
A grand new disease only one person could transmit to you.
Its not your typical bi-polar, I call it “aggressive-depressive”
The transmitter isn’t against will, for she is highly non-suppressive.
Once it attacks, it’s a one person all out war.
And you try to fight it until there’s literally nothing left…

To her, its all fun and games. There’s no after thought.
No guilt. The spirits, long after they’ve gone, they still cant find the rest they’ve sought.
I am a doctor, I am the healer, I’m the only one whose fought.

Technicalities mean nothing, I know I’ll die by your hand.

Why am I dying for everyone’s sins? This is not my fault…
I had no part in this, just let me go.
I’m not meant to suffer, I thought I was supposed to do great things.
Any other disease would be merciful, just do it.


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In Treatment

Thoughts burn my mind, and my mind steals my soul,
My soul then gets transferred to who sought it long ago.
The sight makes me sick, but all I can do is sit by,
what’s the use to get my strength back if I’m too weak to try?

Schizophrenic Pt.1

Comparing dusk to dawn, I can tell which hates me more,
The one I cared for, the one I felt for and adored.
When dawn has broken, I have begged for light to heal my wounds,
And when the sun begins to rise, I feel my world being entombed.

Schizophrenic Pt.2

Never alone, all the friends you ‘made’ along the way will help you fine,
They want attention, but sadly for them; they must stand in line…
Enemies only with the doctors, who say the voices are never right…
Will you agree to do everything the voices say tonight?

Du Darfst Mein Bestrafer Sein

The storm is residing over my head, at least it’ll keep the pressure away for now.
The intense heat is making me shake, my palms are sweating.
Could’ve made things easier; you love to make things complicated.
Word play is funny, but the truth overrules it, and it’s a lot more comical when I’ve got you in checkmate, but that’s rare.

No Afterlife

Say anything. I swear you’ll win me back
The hurt will go away as long as you’re here
I’ve waited eternity, but I can feel the time getting short
Immortality is so cruel, love is so gruesome