Stuck In Between Floors

An elevator stuck in between floors,
Will stay where it is.
Until it is fixed.
Or someone who rides inside of it,
Recognizes a maintenance is needed.
And as soon as this is done,
A performance is returned as is expected.
To dissipate an impatience.

If someone is inside and can not recognize,
They are stuck in between floors...
And ignores to be assisted,
By pushing an emergency button...
To obtain much needed help.
It may be already too late...
To get these doors to open on the right floor!

'Have you made any attempts to use a metaphor,
Before? '

~No I haven't.
How can that help me? ~

'It will give me an idea you understand its usage.
Giving me 'something' to clarify where you are.'

~I don't have a clue.~

'I hear your voice.
But I don't follow you at all.
You will be rescued in due time.'

~How long will that take? ~

'I don't have a clue.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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