SAL (1946 / Dunedin New Zealand)

Stuck In Reverse

Left out in the cold
Chill breeze whipping memories
Into shape
And away
Reminding me that it is today
Not Wednesday or last year
When empty space began to appear
Between the ears
Where wisdom was once the hallmark
Of becoming old.
Increasing unease ensues
I seem to be told then forget
I didn’t choose this
Unstoppable past times outlet
You come daily only to discover
Disorder I overlooked
And now, dismay
Did I write those cheques?
You will check.
Names swim on the pages of this life’s book.
But, some say
The mind plays games
A wall
I recall when games when were fun.
What will they say?
When the ends don’t meet
In this circular street
Trying to converse
But failing to be discreet
Whose secret was it anyway?
Everyone knows I’m stuck in reverse.

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