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Stuck In The Briers
(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Stuck In The Briers

Poem By Cecelia Weir

As I was walking
Down the narrow path.
I happen to notice up ahead.
There were briers on the pathway
Where I'd been told
The road was clear instead.

Not having any alternative
To turn left or right.
No way of crawling over or under
Just looking and thinking
Of having to go through
Gave me such a fright.

I had nothing to protect me
But the clothes upon my back.
As I bristled through the briers
I felt the thorns of life
In my flesh
Breaking from their veins with a crack.

Then as the briers ended
The road was clear again.
And although I was wounded
I had the faith and confidence
To know
Soon the road would end.

It wouldn't matter
How far I'd come.
Or just how long
The journey had been.
But it was the joy of knowing
The reward I'd receive at the end.

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