Stuck In The Middle Of The Way

Poem By tara mahdavi

i went many ways
with no end
i knocked many doors
all of them were closed.
hide and seek with love
none of us would be found.
swimming in a dark sea
with closed hands, i was drowned.
now i'm here tired and sick
in the middle of the way
i can't go on, i feel old
like a dried leaf, breaking inside.
there is nothing to wish
no hope to survive
no song to hear,
no story to write,
no cure for my pains
no dream to remember
no candle to burn
in this endless night.
i found
life is a big lie.

Comments about Stuck In The Middle Of The Way

it's ok, it is part of our life. thank you very much.
there is too much sadness in your narration... but, I do confess that it is well written.... Good read.

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