Stuck In Their Nonexistent Beliefs

It is difficult to leave behind,
Those whose minds are kept defined...
By times no longer here to breathe.

What keeps them fixed,
With such a stubbornness...
Has many refusing to converse with them.
And abruptly from them people leave.
To find fresh air pollution free.

Rapidly changes are amongst us to see.
To witness and adapt appropriately.

But there are those who will remain,
Stuck in their nonexistent beliefs...
That horsedrawn wagons and cobblestone streets,
Were innovations never to be replaced.
Even when shifting winds...
Show an aging upon their disbelieving faces.

With deep concerns that can be traced...
Back to those times they can not let go!
Yet argue to be heard,
Their way of life for 'certain' people...
Is more than well deserved.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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