Stuck In Time!

Stuck forever
No where to go
Trying to find my way
Out of life's little show

Can't take full breaths
Because there's an empty spot
Where there's no escape
And I'm always caught

Memories pull me down
Till I'm nothing more
Then a small little girl
Huddled on the floor

Time ceases to go on
For my mind will not have it
Life is no more
What else is there to get

Tears are the only things
That will be my company
Just sparks of clear
Them and me

My Body shudders
In the cold
No one to love
No one to hold

Darkness engulfs
Shuts off the light
Keeping me stuck
In this time of night

The clock no longer ticks
There are no more tocks
As the clocks serve
As my souls locks

There's nothing here
To suit me

No wings
To make me free
Forever stuck
Lost in fear
No way of leaving
Just stuck here

Waiting to be helped
But there will be none
Because all there is
Is darkness blocking out my sun
True darkness
Coal black

This is real
And it's a fact
Fake smiles
Are pasted on my face
Stuck forever
In this cold place

Stuck in time
All is lost
Believe me
I paid the cost

by Becky Ginn

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