Stuck Like Glue

You are quite different,
Than what I had expected.

'Who and what did you expect? '

Based on rumors and gossip heard,
You are nothing like that at all...
An injustice has been served.

Not at all.
You must not look at it that way.
I see it as an opportunity...
To get those the attention that they seek.'

I do see this from your point of view.
And after meeting you...
I can understand,
There may be some jealousy and backbiting...
Those who are envious make known in their pursuits.'

'I can not stop doing what I do...
Just to chase little children,
Making grumpy noises as they masquerade...
Jumping up and down to get attention,
Dressed in their monster suits to do a 'BOO'!
I thank God maturity is on my mind,
With an obligation that keeps me stuck like glue! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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