Stuck On Pause

The biggest enemy we fight...
Is the inability to admit wrongs,
That are clearly not right.

Punishing the truth with ignorant stances...
Enhances the danger,
And defeats any chances...
To regain integrity lost!
It is the price paid,
For proceeding unswayed at any cost!
With a narrow mindset decreasing.

And the accomplishments gained,
Are flushed down the drain...
By those remaining obstinate,
In attempts to sustain a fading glory
Never to be reclaimed.
It's been lived...
Never to be the same!

Times drastically change...
For those minds stuck on pause!
Leaving options that were bountiful,
Burned to a crisp...
On bridges now flaming,
But once safely crossed!

And all who stood by watching,
Are now victims of their whims!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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