Deep Down Under The Dark Silence Of My Fulfillment.

for years that we
had been here together
i did not say any
bad word, something
to hurt you

many wonder about this
laxity thinking
that discipline is
always related to
humiliation and violence
and deprivation

the stick remember
had us beaten blue and
black and those who inflicted
the pain felt satisfied
that we had become straightened
with all force
like crooked wires

i did not follow them
i go for silence, love, affection,
and passion
i throw away the noise of the stick
i curled within the respect
for myself and for all of you

now i leave you with all your
i will not answer them
i shall not tell you that i
had lectured to you not with
words but with example
in small little deeds in all
the hours of the day
in the patience of the nights
without moons and stars

that i lead the way with my
own feet
and did the work myself
without you realizing that
now you are doing the work

i am moving towards the place
of my destiny
i will be all alone there again
to my roots
deep down under the dark silence
of my fulfillment.


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