Fear Of Scandal

Surging creeks stream toward the riverbed
Lively fishes bouncing up and down over limpid water

Asure skies are shining
Startled before thy august countenance
Thy astral and heavenly face torn any aversion in hearts asunder

Sharp-witted and shrewd like angles you were gliding over rooks
Thy mind is repository of massive avalanche

How can I restrain thy auspicious omen within attenuated world of words?
It whould be of unforgivable sin
Worthy of mighty chastisement

I took a surreptitious peek into thy illustrious orchard
Saw you lounging by the riverbed adorned with celestial tranquillity

I felt swathed around tenacious fetters of love and avidity
Surfeit with an overabundant desire for thee

I am sentimental
Hovering over dreams
Likely to be errupted
But I shall resort to thy congenial beauty to rescue me from drowning
It resembles to talisman
Wards of evils and devilish spirits

Suddenly I saw you weeping over thy effulgent bed
While drops of tear flowed down of thy ruddy cheeks

I gazed at thee
Reciprocally you stared to me
Fear and trembling wrapped me all over
You started shuddering
We kept looking each other without of any word to be metamorphosized

by Moahammad Maleki

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