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I had an appointment to see someone
And there she goes, her pride overdone
Walked past
With her ego up her ass
Stuck up in her ways
That's how she stays
Walks with her back up straight
Probably eats on a silver metal plate
Head held high
True story, I never tell a lie
Her nose turned up
Drinks from a half empty cup
And there she goes
With a pinch to her nose
I watched and I waited
The time pasted by
And I'm getting frustrated
Frustration kept in
Time she kept but not known
Called me in a deafening tone
Screwed up her face, I saw in the corner of my eye
I sat down and then I heard her sigh
She would have left me outside
I held my composure
I will not engage in that stage of her outraged behaviour
That's what I told her
I was not acknowledged
Keep your annoying facial expressions to yourself
I will not delude myself with that enraged behaviour
Don't be stuck up
You're not the only one who is in existence

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