Together We Could Never Be

You promised forever and a day
When you breathed your smoke into my lungs
You ignited a flame within me
Unquenchable till this day

You creat in me a deep hunger for you
I can't die and yet it feels like
Without you I linger so close to the grave

Let me touch you and feel your warmth on my finger tips
For I've danced too close to fire and still feel the burns
You take me away in my mind
To a place where together we could never be.

by Gerald Noble

Comments (4)

Cute acrostic, speaks the efforts of sincere students, thanks poet
Qualities of a good student very well defined.
A true definition of an ideal student through an acrostic write! If we have such students, we have every right to believe that future will be safe in their hands and their own lives- safe too!
teacher's counsel always, Fine definition of student, thanks sir.