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Studying Law And Being In Love
LNC (11/09/1986 / Cork, Ireland.)

Studying Law And Being In Love

The plan was to flit haphazard. Directionless.

I land in a confined space for one moment and
Before I know it you are picking out colours.
I promised myself this would never be me
But now at night, I dream of the day I plundered
- Unaltered.
I don’t regret how familiar things are becoming.
I just smile at things identical to things
That went before them.
The most I do is criss-cross the comfortable columns.

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Comments (7)

Simply wonderful piece.
im studying law too.......and on a side not, you make me want to give up writing..thanks for that
you have the capabilities of being in the twilights and realities...at the same time.
I am a bit like my mate Jerry who hasn't much to say except he likes it. Actually I have a lot to say, I like it because it is very good! Rgds, Ivan
There is a comfortable irony in this one about heart and head and the ease of co-habitting. Puts a smile on my face. Just the right number of words, too. love, Allie xxxxxxxxx
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