Some people go their whole life
Not knowing how to care
And others go their whole life
Always in despair

They may not know the answers
But they don't even try
To decipher the questions
They just look up to the sky

They hope something will show itself
If they stare just long enough
But eventually their desire
Is buried by other Stuff

Stuff that doesn't matter
Stuff that is just dumb
They thing that they aren't looking for
Is better than the sum

Of the Stuff they think will be so great
Though they only need one thing
They only need God's brilliant grace
To get them through each day

They've forgotten about their search
It seems so long ago
So now what they are looking for
They do not even know

It makes me sad to realize
Many people live this way
They do not know what they are missing
Every single day
Because Stuff gets in their way

by Christina Kosemund

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