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love is like walking across hot coals. it hurts and you dont know why you did it but some how its all worth it...greg bova

love is a hidden treasure waiting/wanting to be found...greg bova

love is an illusion created by the heart...greg bova

love is like a broken crayon theres no point...greg bova

love is like time it goes by fast and slow and can end in a heart beat..greg bova

Forever can end at any moment but begin in an instant...greg bova

love is llike a basketball at first its all aired up and it bounces then it gets flat and splats on the floor....greg bova

love is the most addicting game in the world and theres never a winner....greg bova

yesterday is history
tomorrow doest exist...greg bova

if what yesterday is today
then what today is tomorrow....greg bova

if you fail once try again
if you fail twice try again
if you fali three times give up theres no point you suck...greg bova

whats the point of taking chances if you always get hurt...greg bova

if life gives you lemons freak lemon aid make Dr. Pepper...greg bova

life sucks then we die so freak this world and have one hell of a ride...greg bova

i done did done it....greg bova

the people you care about the most has the abiltiy to hurt you the most...greg bova

everything fades in time....greg bova

no matter how hard you try you will always fail if you believe that there is even a small chance of failure....greg bova

if, if and buts were candy and nuts we would all be fat as hell and not smell so well....greg bova

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Robert Frost

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