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Stuff Stuff Stuff

I got tons of stuff I do declare
House stuffed with stuff everywhere
Stuff inside my closet door
Lots of stuff on the floor
My stuffy garage is filled with stuff
Secret stuff pretty stuff crazy stuff
Stuff expensive stuff so cheap
Stuff I found on the street
At yard sales I find stuff
I can't seem to get enough
Boxes stuffed from the ceiling to the floor
Stuff I don't need anymore
Tons of stuff I must have about
Stuff that I could never do without
Rooms filled with stuff I don't know why
So much stuff that I could cry
What would I do without my stuff
Life would get very tough
Where did all this stuff come from
I collect this stuff just for fun
I need all this stuff don't you see
Does all this stuff belong to me
Stuff your pockets your shirt is stuffy
Your stuffy pants looking puffy
Stuff your face stuff your hat
In your pocket stuff your cat
Stuff your shoes stuff your socks
Stuff your pillow with all you got
How did all this stuff get here
Stuff it here stuff it there
Stuff your mouth full of stuff
Tasty stuff can't get enough
I can't live without my stuff
That's tough stuff friend
Where does all this stuff end
How much do I pay for this stuff
I must stuff my pockets full of cash
I wish that my pocketbook was stuffed
Stuff follows me down the street
And sits at my door at my feet
Stuff sneaks in my house late at night
And stuffs itself out of sight
Comes early morning what do I see
Mountains of stuff surrounding me
I'm sick of stuff I have had enough
I think I will take this poem and stuff it

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stuff stuff stuff everywhere stuff. like it