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Stuffed Like A Horse
NC (25/07/1989 / Townsville)

Stuffed Like A Horse

Poem By N.C Cusack

A temporary splinter is wedge deeply in my brain
The piercing is so deep, its causing unexplainable pain
My body feels as if two trucks have gone at full speed colliding together
Crushing all m bones, leaving nother except dust and blood
The Bloodystreams that were once filled with dark red blood
has turned to cold blue steel.

Its as if all my blood has disappeared completely
Drained out and spilt everywhere.

Not a single breath can escape me
All that comes out is dirty, filthy lies that
cover the truth, which is my deep dark depression
Arriving from common everyday things

School, friends threating friends with violence
Concerns from other
Lack of consistency
Make a math equation that adds a few tonnes
onto my already heavy burden

A good way to describe how I'm feeling at the moment
Is a horse.
Constantly being kicked in the ribs by random annoying children
Wanting me to speed up to keep up.
I want to go at my own pace
Sort out my life, before anything else happens.

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The power of individuality is best achieved by running at ones own pace, to allow others to set your pace is really horsing around. Yet after one decides the pace he must keep on moving and never dropp out of the race.