Stunning Stunt Smash-Hit Lesson

Poem By Erhard Hans Josef Lang

He had been known as a daredevil ever since.
That one day he had done it a few times,
his newest stunt meant to be outbeating himself.
Up and up again he went there onto his trapeze,
That he had set hanging at such a height
So he could still make it so-and-so
To dropp himself down in a fall, and -
This was his challenge really! -
By way of his arts learning how
To do in the fast drop
The proper turns of his supple body
For it to come landing in a graceful pose
Unhurt on touching down to the ground -
An artists feat he was set to master -

He had done it that day a few times -
Some four of his closest friends were
Watching on from down in the arena.
He succeeded twice.
Once he had already hurt himself
In one attempt in between.

With the fourth attempt
He got hurt so bad
Falling on his head so inadvertently
That they had to carry him away -
His life fifty-fifty.

None of his spectators
Eager to see him be successful
Had seen him fall at that fourth attempt.
He must have then dropped himself
Immediately after reaching onto the trapeze
Yet before anyone's eyes could have followed him up there.

His last landing came to be a fatal failure
Because, at the instance of his jumping,
He was not yet being secured
By the soft net of his onlookers' positive looks
To be spun Invisibly in the arena's
Overall Mind atmosphere
Composed of five well-wishing heads
Four of which the jumper unluckily had foregone.

He had jumped too early -
Afraid of his own fear.
He wanted to outbeat his fear
By jumping before fear could have reached his heart.
But he was not aware of the carrying
Importance of a supportive mind landscape.

A lesson that would have made him
Not only survive the jump from the daring height
But improve his skill of landing deftly.

The sad thing with all of this:
Even the poor daredevil's fatal death did not
Impart the wit of the tragedy's lesson
To his four friends.
As none of them, either, grasped
The good effects of vibrations from a friendly
Positively complex mind surrounding.

Our ill-fated daredevil was no dreamer,
But I dreamt too late of his tale.
The dreamer's wish now were that another
Pioneering boy briskly mindless of the importance
Of beneficial eyes and clapping hands
Would wake up to a healthy
Common sense of success.

And I'd wish that this story would
Show to all the others too -
No cowards either -
What stunning lesson
This stunning stunt smash-hit lesson holds
About our wondrous Mind!

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