GG (9/15/90 / Chicago)

Stupid American

something is always wrong.
the pieces never fit together just right.
i forgot one minor detail.
something is always wrong.

it keeps me awake at night,
i haven't slept in days.
and it's showing.
i am no longer living;
i can't eat,
i can't move,
i can't die.
yet my candle burnt out ages ago.
i am completly alone,
i am completly immobile,
i am completly lost.

but at least i am still searching,
feeling my way through a never-ending forest,
stumbling every now and then on 'the path'.
the road to success.
the right route to take.
only when i follow that trail that many paved before me.
only when i forsake my quest.
only when i am once again amoung you hordes of american zombies.
only then i am completly lost.

i may be searching for a new light in a land of darkness,
but at least i am still searching.
and in that respect i am alone.

in that respect i am alive.

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