Stupid Cupid Made Me Do It!

Where the sun and stars
will never shine
and it rains upon this world,
that's where I left my love life
cause I'l never have a girl.

So what was Cupid thinking
on that day he lost his aim,
when he shot me down in Mexico
just for looking at the maid

Now I should have closed my eyes
and I was a fool to have ever looked,
but she was such a pretty girl
and I was such a schnook

So I got myself a dictionary
and I practiced all my lines,
for I was gonna sweet talk her
and she would soon be mine

And I got her in my room!

and I got her on my bed! ,
I looked into her big blue eyes
and from my dictionary I read -

'Yo te quiero como un perro',
I whispered in her ear.

'You would love me like a dog? ! '
she yelled for all to hear!

'Te amo como un esclavo, '
I said so lovingly,

'I'l never be your love slave! '
she screamed and belted me!

But I knew that it was over
and Cupid's dictionary sealed my doom,
when she shouted in perfect English


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Comments (3)

Yah your poetry is good keep writing
this is actually very funny : -) take care Gaurav
wow that was sad...and somewhat