Stupid Cupid Made Me Do It!

Poem By not ruining my goodname

Where the sun and stars
will never shine
and it rains upon this world,
that's where I left my love life
cause I'l never have a girl.

So what was Cupid thinking
on that day he lost his aim,
when he shot me down in Mexico
just for looking at the maid

Now I should have closed my eyes
and I was a fool to have ever looked,
but she was such a pretty girl
and I was such a schnook

So I got myself a dictionary
and I practiced all my lines,
for I was gonna sweet talk her
and she would soon be mine

And I got her in my room!

and I got her on my bed! ,
I looked into her big blue eyes
and from my dictionary I read -

'Yo te quiero como un perro',
I whispered in her ear.

'You would love me like a dog? ! '
she yelled for all to hear!

'Te amo como un esclavo, '
I said so lovingly,

'I'l never be your love slave! '
she screamed and belted me!

But I knew that it was over
and Cupid's dictionary sealed my doom,
when she shouted in perfect English


Comments about Stupid Cupid Made Me Do It!

Yah your poetry is good keep writing
this is actually very funny : -) take care Gaurav
wow that was sad...and somewhat

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