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Stupid Girl

I feel like i just wanna break down and cry sometimes. Though i have one person to turn to, they cant see that he would make things better. Im kept away from the world, for my mistakes that yes i admit to, but id like two min with someone i know will be there for me. I feel like i cant trust anyone, no one has ever been completely honest with me. I can only trust myself. I tell my self daily that i need no one else but myself, and that i will make it through that day, because at times i have doubts. I will be strong, through all the pain and wont resort to anything to help ease it, but take it as hard as it wants to hit. I seem to have a tolerance for it lately. I want to tell you that i hate you, that im glad you arent in my life anymore, that im glad i see your true colors. Your just like the others, no really cares about her, or what they do to her, only their selves. Lie to my face some more, tell me what i want to hear to my face but run with ur tail tucked across seas to get away from it all. you havent called to check on me, you dont care, your the same as the last 'daddy' i had. your no better, your nothing more than another chapter in my book. They wonder why i did some of the stuff i was doing, but they fail to realize that what they were doing were causing all my hurt. I shed these tears to let go of people like you, the ones who no longer care.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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