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Stupid Girl

I don’t want to be your puppet on a string
I don’t want to be your plaything

You can’t make me do things that I don’t want to do
You don’t rule over me
You can’t control me

You might have good looks
Be popular and rich
I don’t care I don’t want this

I want a normal boy
I don’t want you
Because you are to good to be true

U use girls for your own good
Poor things, the ones that fall into your trap

If you and I were together
O’ boy, O’ boy

You wouldn’t’t get the chance to use me

Get out right now
It is over
We are breaking up

But you are not my boyfriend
And I am proud of it

Proud to be single
I don’t need money or popularity

I am who I am
I don’t need you
I can stand up for myself

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The girl in this poem is not stupid. She is independent and wise beyond her years. Good poem.