Sunset From Omaha Hotel Window

Poem By Carl Sandburg

- the while, gratefully, enjoying Love, Life and Family. There are fanatic matadors everywhere, whom identify as masked homo sapiens.

Group-like mutants, likened none of any other life form whom have reason to shamelessly hide from whom they declare as enemy. Primitively as were, and there exist many now, leaders whom by way of there own political ideals, wrongfully conquer and kill defenseless unarmed innocence.

A cowardly, evil and sinful means to intimidate, metastasize powerful nations. Likened toxin laden mosquitos and vermin, infect and contaminate, destruct without remorse. The young robotic uniform militaries of conflicting nations with horrific weaponry, conclude to agree, is a means to defensively kill and destroy and murder each other fairly and subjective.

Intelligence have long since been acquired by the very same students of ancient ignorant teaching, Learned by the Puritan doctrine of men, abridged text to quill from their imagined aberrations of redemption and
flawed religious dogma.

Competitive youth are made to play for better scores, admirable rewards.
Losers becoming enemy and foe. War hero medallions of gold are not ever worn nor adorned on their proud coffined carcass.
Gravestones and their spaces are never bequeathed to be a possession

As a wise American Indian Chief had so Tribal declared to the
murderous invading pilgrim, conquistadores...

'The Earth and whatever is upon it
does not belong to us,
We and they, belong to the Earth.'
(author taken liberty to contribute)

When then should we all 'Tread Softly and Carry a Big Stick? '
How big, long and pig barrel cured will weapons suffice against
each others war lords and monetary greed?

Premeditated collision courses are as ignorant as will an invulnerable meteor be brainlessly wise to destroy Earth and its ungrateful tenants
We've more to concern with finding the means to protect our Earth home
from the unpredictable, predictable Universal Power. For us to exist.
we can for the moment peacefully by the sharing of Immortal Love, Empathy and Compassion for and with our Earth family.

Why for our only planet and its treasured living plants and creatures do we
wastefully destroy them without concern for need and their extinction?
The while, inherent inhuman ignorance are killing one another for that which they can never own nor mortally possess.

'Beings', birthed with that of a few grains of cell and brain,
A War Brawn recipe, an ironic ingredient toxin from
Mother Earth's inflaming, human disturbed inner Core

Ye Bards of Eloquence,
as Peace Loving Desciple
Know Thy Power,
Take Heed!

Words Are Seeds That
Root for Life and Fruit-full Limb

Louie Levy
9: 48pm

Comments about Sunset From Omaha Hotel Window

Thank you all for your reflective comments; A wonderful Narrative, A Meaningful Commentary! This was written as an urgent and collaborate plea to; Ye Bards of Eloquence, as Peace Loving Desciple Know Thy Power, Take Heed! Your; Words Are Seeds That Root for Life and Fruit-full Limb L.L.
wonderful narrative poem, lovely message...............
A meaningful commentary on the powers attributed to rewards, winning, destruction, and the ability to twist our so-called intelligence towards trampling the rest of humanity. You're right, Louie, some Empathy, Love and Compassion could go a long way.

2,9 out of 5
41 total ratings

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