Stupid I

My stupid I,
do not know,
the sight of the
falling snow.
My stupid I,
didn't see,
the depth of,
unexplored sea.
My stupid I,
never watch,
how the honey-bees,
do flowers touch!
My stupid I,
do always kill,
the busy ants,
doing their drill.
My stupid I,
can never stand,
to enjoy the sky,
and beautiful land.
Now, my stupid I,
want to feel all,
she missed before,
Oh! Nature's call!

by Neela Nath Das

Comments (18)

Please don't ever tell lies to us, oh great lover of nature, you do not succeed here in proving that you can be that practice you see in a moment, much ahead and around than the present day idiots would ever, in their entire life. Thanks for the lovely tiny breed, a marvel of the art of poetry from you Sir. Missing you in this PH brotherhood over the months. Regards, Subhas
hey! Stupid U! perhaps you were busy with OTHER things? ? tell us about Smart Me. i'm sure there must be SOMETHING to tell there. One reason i enjoy sights of Nature is probably because one often does not have to go far OR spend money (or much money) to find and view a spider's web, a wispy cloud, a swallow swooping, or a flower budding. to MyPoemList. bri :) i read a comment you wrote somewhere else on PH.
A very good poem.....
Nature's call! want to feel all, the sky, busy ants how the honey-bees, do flowers touch! t he depth of, unexplored sea. falling snow very good thoughts written well. thank u very much tony
Lovely poem.....10 It is equally important To present it instant And come out Clean without fall out
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