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Stupid Tongues (Children)
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Stupid Tongues (Children)

Poem By C.J. Heck

I know our tongues have jobs to do,
licking lips or tasting food.
They also help us say our words
and see if our teeth are smooth.

After that, a tongue gets stupid,
stupid, stupid tongue...
Tongues don't seem to listen
and tongues act really dumb.

When we have a sharp loose tooth,
we tell our tongue to stay away
because it's really sharp right there
but tongues just won't behave.

Your tongue gets sore and it hurts to talk.
Your brain says, 'Tongue, don't take that walk! '
but tongues won't listen (or tongues don't care) ,
and pretty soon it goes back there,

the more it does, the more it hurts.
It just won't listen and I don't know
why it sneaks right back
when your brain says 'No'.

I know my tongue is helpful
and I'm glad I do have one...
but why are tongues so stupid?
Why are tongues so dumb?

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Comments (3)

like it! :)
I usually step all over mine, fun poem.
My singing teacher says it's the strongest muscle in the body - no wonder it shows off its muscles! Fun poem as always, CJ. Glad you're back. I hope Lenchen spots this too.