IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)



We celebrate our dead heroes.
Their white headstones arranged in rows.
To mark where soldiers bodies lie.
They are no longer friends and foes

War cemeteries are tended well
in honour of the men who fell
It is the least that we can do
for men who died by shot and shell.

Each single death a tragedy,
each one recorded carefully.
To satisfy the bureaucrats
who collate deaths statistically.

I wonder why we cannot see.
That death alone claims victory.
Each new war adds to the score
of people dying uselessly.

Though we remember them with pride.
The countless men who sadly died.
Each thinking that their cause was just.
Involuntary suicide.

We celebrate our dead heroes
with white headstones arranged in rows.
Yet we still send young men to die
And always will do I suppose.

We do not learn from history
For no good reason I can see.
That wars prove nothing in the end
Except how stupid we can be.

Wednesday,30 December 2009
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Brilliant piece that gets a clear message across. Best Steve 10
Great poem, realistic and true ending.10 from me! sayz
wonderful expression good work