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Stupied Poetry From The Past
KW (1990 / Kansas)

Stupied Poetry From The Past

Scared, alone, and 12-years-old,
I sit in the front, and just do what I’m told
Never getting a detention or a bad grade,
Never acting up, cuz I’m too afraid
Pleasing every teacher that I happen to run across
Never having a life, they are my boss.

Ready for a change, ready to begin.
My 8th grade year my old ways were fin.
My grades stayed the same, my attitude alike
But somehow my inside I was putting up a fight.
More fun this year, indeed there was
But soon it would be great because…

At 14-years-old, I was a new one
And this began with quite a bit of fun
I learned from my adventures and my mistakes
I learned that mine wasn’t the only heart the aches
Meeting several grand people, my long trial through
Thank God for all of you

Through the kisses and tears
Through the smiles and fears
I am thankful for theses three years

…May the next three be more grand then the last.

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