Sub Specie Aeternitatis

This Sunday afternoon I meant
To write a poem but fell asleep.
I woke alone in the summer house
To hear the raindrops pattering
On the wooden roof. Outside the grass
Is lush and freshly green. Beyond
Upon the paving stones are scattered
Apple blossom petals. Already
They have begun to fall.
Seasons pass and spring follows
Spring. Each year it comes anew.
Branches sway in the wind, the leaves
Fluttering like shoals of fish.
Their scales glitter in the sunlight
Like a waterfall of time
Splashing into eternity.

by Pete Crowther

Comments (5)

This poem is like a dream. It's so beautiful. Peace.
The cluster of images in the second half of the poem beautifully reiterate the theme presented at its beginning: the sway of branches, the fluttering of leaves, the reference to fish, and waterfall all marvelously delineate the passage of time. A very beautiful poem. Susie.
There are several lines (the first two perhaps the clearest example,) that are among the most unpretentious and genuine that I've ever read, and as such, humbling.
Wonderful atmosphere evoked in this poetry. I felt I was with you as I read this, best Gershon
And all is as it should be in mother natures careful hands Peter, a wonderfully crafted poem of peace. The water is so soothing. Smiling serene in this moment. Tai