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Poem By Josh Silvers

joy, excitement, fear
my emotions run wild
as this adventure begins
no holding back
hearts beat faster
breath quickens in an instant
that moment relived on your eyelids
bliss, relief, and ectasy
pump through my veins
as time goes by slow
and emotions slowly soar
into that moment
of pure sublime
nothing can destroy this
your smile says it all

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One of the beauties of poetry Is to read something else into the mystery. Lines writ by another sage Can be wisted and turned with our language Permiting ambiguity to say it all In these days of early winter- fading fall. So it is with Silvers's poem of this season Which could be about passion (?) But in these days, recent past Perhaps a reminder of thanksgiving ending fast So that at the table surrounded by one and all His poem gives hope to families; big or small. s