Sublime Dimension

Invisibly feeling an intense emotion overpowering within,
pushing energy into sublime dimensions, watching as it
explodes into colors of sound as it lifts spirits interiorly.

Calming and soothing this poetical soul through the years,
spreading testimony on clouds of essence, soaring into the
vibrant atmospheres of intellect.

Ones that are tantalized and inscribed with flavorful aromas
from somewhere within this silent spirit, resting interiorly,
lying in wait for the next exciting adventure.

Traveling into another dimension beyond that of living a life
of humanity, testing, exploring, finding common ground interior-
ly where life can be processed and brought to fruition in many
poetical avenues of writing.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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RoseAnn, such a sublime and brilliant poetcal words👍👍👍