WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Sublime Smiling Face

(Inspired by Lisa Casagrande)

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, (Deh Bagwa Shashmani Swami) , Tuesday, October 27,2009, @ 11: 00 AM

Through the daily monotony and rat race

There's nothing more alluring than the smile on your face

From my memories you I cannot erase

Your smile is like a cozy affectionate embrace

Your flawlessness cannot be replaced

So gorgeous your eye-catching smile should've been showcased

My steps backward to you I shall retrace

More precious you are than documents in God's briefcase

Your radiant smile takes me back to my birthplace

To Caribbean seas, I've packed my bags and my suitcase

Passion fruit, Coconuts, pineapple, and drinks mango based

Incognito to Hedonism Resorts Jamaica we'll be effaced

Your delicate smile takes me to a special someplace

I can be found somewhere between time and space

Precious you are like a 12th-century Chinese vase

Gleaming is my eyes, as your exquisite figure stands unadorned by the staircase

Squeezing you tight on white sands for I am the scapegrace

Skin so soft to the touch for you taste sweeter than sucrose

On a Darken beach, I lay as my garments now you unlace

In the distance sweet Jam Rock reggae plays to drum and bass

Vanished now are all my woes in Montego Bay without a trace

Snuggled I am drifting away in Dunn's River Falls in a chaise

To be in Negril in the presence of your ravishing smile I'll make haste

You till the end of time your stunning smile I'll chase

All suitors I will outpace

All men I will outrace

I'll place a no-fly zone around your airspace

A million eunuch to guard you just in case

In diamond and gold box your lovely smile, I'll encase

Forever I'll dwell in your loving grace

Your statuesque smile of love I'll never misplace

All this and more for your sublime smiling face

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