BMR (4/17/1994 / West Virginia)


And as I'm sure that this is the end
I slither into my insecurity
There is nothing left to hold on to
Simply letting go
Is the only answer
That is so seemingly clear
The old me is dying
Dying to my selfish ways
In which my flesh created
I choose to take upon a new skin
The one who sits upon the throne
Casts a shadow of the image
Of the cross where my brokenness is left
And surely as I see it
I fall to my knees
Giving up my pain and
Taking on a new garment
Of freedom and grace
And as my old self shrieks to stay
But to his dismay
I have taken a new change
A light, a break
A submission to the face
Of the Living God
I am
I submit to thee, Oh Lord! !
I am yours
Forever more

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